Wednesday, September 14, 2005

meg's networking guide

I am not a fan of calling strangers to network. I feel as if I am asking "will you be my friend?" I hate that. Thank God for email. Email has a way of delivering the same question in a nonchalant way, "yo dude, I'm cool, you're cool, lets grab coffee and do some business".

Ok - so I probably wouldnt word it like that...

I am writing a book - actually, the book is written, it just needs to be edited and be sent off to the publisher. (But that isn't really where I was going... ) In order to write this book I have had to request some assistance. - ok a lot. I am not a writer (as obviously evidenced by this major ramble) and I wanted to present my message in the best possible way, and market myself as effectively as possible.

It comes down to networking. I contacted the people in my network who had written their own books, or who had marketed books and authors. I emailed, and met and talked on the phone with a dozen very helpful, motivating people who were more than happy to help me - just because I had asked.

The most important thing about networking is that you have to make the connection and ask. Just ask. If you are like me and can't bring yourself to make the first call, then email. Email rocks.

Keep connected, so when the time comes that you need advice, or inspiration - you have that network to ask, and that network to make your power team.

Meghan Wier


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